Our development slate includes:

Dying to See You

10 x 1 hour returning drama
A close-knit group of friends are forced to reassess everything when one of them dies in a tragic accident - and
then returns from the dead to ensure they live like there's no tomorrow. Because sometimes there isn't a tomorrow.
Created by David Hannam (Carlotta, Nowhere Boys)
In development


10 x 1 hour darkly comic returning crime series set in Afghanistan and London

A group of British soldiers covertly try to earn an extra buck by facilitating the opium trade in Afghanistan
Written by Mark Denton & Jonny Stockwood (MEDICI, IBOY, STRANGERS aka WHITE DRAGON)
In development

Macron's Boys

The fascinating and ominous true story of the brilliant men who orchestrated President Macron's swift rise to power from behind the scenes.
An Itineraire and Headline Pictures production
In development

Absolute Beginners

A glamorous multilingual drama in which ambitious dreamers from across the world come to Paris to follow their dreams and make it in the world of fashion.
A Headline Pictures and Itineraire production
In development

New to the Parish

Inspired by the acclaimed collection of true short stories written by Irish Times journalist Sorcha Pollak, the series will follow a disparate group of immigrants who start to build a new life in Dublin and explore what this means for the local community.
In development



10 x 1 hour comedy drama
An English language remake of the record-breakingly successful EMMY-nominated French comedy drama Dix Pour Cent (Call My Agent).

At a talent agency that is more like a dysfunctional family than a business, various flawed agents try to juggle their complex professional and personal lives. 
In development with BRON Studios


8 x 1 hour returning crime drama series set in Dublin

Against the backdrop of feuding drug cartels, two members of a powerful crime family try to leave the underworld for the sake of their children.

Written by Peter McKenna (THE MUSKETEERS, creator of RED ROCK)
Co-created and to be directed by BAFTA winner Ciaran Donnelly (THE TUDORS, VIKINGS)
In development with BRON Studios

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